The oceans, lungs of the world, however, are also the biggest garbage dump. More than 12 million tons of waste arrive each year to seas and oceans, impacting negatively and directly on marine ecosystems, the economy, tourism and on people’s health and safety.

On the path to sustainability, and under the premise "acts locally, impacts globally", LOEWE Perfumes, through the new fragrance LOEWE AGUA 44.2, joins the Association Ambiente Europeo in the project "International Coastal Cleaning"

An action that means another step to those already made in previous years by LOEWE Perfumes, and the iconic fragrance LOEWE AGUA, with the aim of ensuring the quality of the waters and the preservation of the Posidonia in the Mediterranean Sea.

44,200 Units

With the sale of the 44,200 bottles produced - numbered edition - of LOEWE AGUA 44.2, LOEWE Perfumes will help Ambiente Europeo in the "International Coastal Cleaning" project, a citizen science project that seeks to raise awareness about the problem represented by marine debris, as well as coordinating and carrying out the cleaning of beaches of Spain and which in 2018 managed a figure of 4.5 tonnes of waste collected in just over 19,000 meters of coastline.

About Ambiente Europeo:

Since 2010, the Association Ambiente Europeo (AAE) has mobilized more than 16,000 people in more than 380 points in Spain within the framework of the "International Coastal Cleanup" project of the Ocean Conservancy, the largest voluntary event in the world. calls annually to more than half a million people in more than 100 countries and territories of our planet to collect, classify and record the waste that pollutes the coasts and sea and river beds.


Renew, stimulate, give life: AGUA

Masters of Nature

Our perfumes are natural, organic and genuine. This new Eau de Toilette with aquatic notes produces a sensation of purity.

A Hesperide Floral composition, most notable for kumquat and Lotus Flower. The note of Yuzu adds an extra touch of freshness and the Lily of the Valley complements it, incorporating a delicate, floral nature.

All of the fragrances in the LOEWE AGUA family share a citric top note and a musky base producing an excellent fixation, uncommon in fresh fragrances.

Universal Art

The original fragrance is maintained and its new pack features an artwork by Karl Blossfeldt to represent it; ‘Adiantum pedatum’. Like raindrops sliding when they fall. Like the crests of the waves traversing the gentle breeze. Natural, simple, uncontrived.

Its bottle symbolises uncontrived luxury and is inspired by a classic bottle of mineral water. This time, the bottle is transparent and its cap, without the usual bar on the top, is in lacquered white.

Emotions Beyond the Skin

LOEWE's fragrances are works of art that are born from nature in order to become eternal on the skin. A new fragrance created for a generation that cares about the planet and wants to make sustainable choices that are in line with their values.

Its name corresponds to the launch of 44,200 limited editions with which we want to convey the importance of the preservation of our planet's resources.

Spanish Lifestyle

The creative process of LOEWE’s entire olfactory world is carried out in Spain and consequently, our lifestyle and character influence the moment when each creation is given its unique personality.

Product 100% created, designed and fabricated in Spain.
Spanish culture and its traditions inspired the creation of the LOEWE AGUA family.

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